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A Delightful First Half

Maybe this "idiotic jerkhead" was on to something?

A tipped pass for a touchdown? This could be destiny. Keep in mind that the refs likely blew that call in which receiver Vidal Hazelton appeared to fumble after a catch. It would have led to a swoop-and-score for the Beavers.
Let's say Pete Carroll makes all the right moves here at halftime and USC rallies to a win. Oregon State appears to have exposed a serious flaw in the heretofore dominant USC defense. The Beavers have downright worked the Trojans up front. The OSU o-line is pushing SC's front four all over the place. On top of that, the Beavers' maligned d-line is putting some serious heat on Mark Sanchez.
I'd feel a lot better about this if Sammie Stroughter was out on the field.