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Mid-Saturday Ramblings

*Pretty interesting that Mizzou hasn't pulled away from Buffalo. Looks like the Bulls are benefiting from some timely Tiger turnovers, because Mizzou has rolled up nearly 500 yards total offense, including nearly 400 passing for Chase Daniel. A major school looking to make a change should reach out to Buffalo coach Turner Gill post haste. What he has done with that team is miraculous.

*Jimmy Clausen will end up being a pretty good quarterback by the end of the season.
*It's only the second quarter, but this Florida-Tennessee game is just about over. Tennessee probably has the second-lowest return on investment of all the BCS teams, coming in just ahead of Notre Dame.
*I'm going to get killed for admitting this, but I love those commercials where people observe someone doing something nice, and then that inspires them to do something good for someone else.
*I still have no idea what the standards for instant replay are.