Blogging about college football by an Oklahoma Sooners fan.

Quick Hitters

*Nothing's more frustrating than seeing important players getting hurt in meaningless action. Here's hoping everything's OK with DeMarcus Granger and Ryan Reynolds. OU is particularly thin at linebacker, making Reynolds' health key. 

*Granger was absolutely assaulted by three UW offensive linemen on the play where he was hurt in the first half. Obviously, this was a very chippy game, and that sequence typified the entire tenor of the game. Sooner fans up in arms about the "dirty" pay of OU's past two opponents need to calm down, though. It takes two to tango, and let's not kid ourselves--OU doesn't exactly have a bunch of choirboys on the field.
*Homerism has a couple TVs going at once in the living to help stay abreast of all the action. Having watched a good part of the second half, I can attest that Auburn's 3-2 so called victory over Mississippi State was a crime against the sport of football. I could have sworn Auburn's second-string running back had been played to blow the game.
*Clearly, the story of the day is USC's demolition of Ohio State in the most hyped game of the year. Homerism hates to tell all the optimists expecting a good game here that I told you so, but I did. Boeckman truly was horrible, and USC's defense makes it near impossible for a quarterback to just "manage the game" en route to a win. You can't put much responsibility for this one on OSU's defense, in my opinion. The Buckeyes' offensive mistakes put the D in some bad spots, and the Trojans got a touchdown on an interception return. All the OSU apologists probably should recognize that Tressel's boys are feasting on a watered-down conference.
*For the Trojans, what can you say? Damian Williams clearly provides a big play element in the passing game that was missing last year. The defense is probably the best Carroll's ever had, and that's really saying something. Even the offensive line held up well tonight. Who can beat this team? (I hope to have column later this week on why I think Carroll has been so dominant since arriving in Los Angeles.)
*Missouri keeps rolling up huge numbers. It's frightening. Yet, did you see the Illinois score today? Homerism still contends the Tigers have something left to prove.
*Bad loss tonight at New Mexico for Mike Stoops and Arizona.