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Saturday Ramblings

*Is there a worse color commentator in college football than Fox's Dave Lapham? Ask Knox... "Hey Knox, How does Dave Lapham have a job?"

*It still seems like OU's defense is benefiting from lots of fortunate strips and fumble recoveries. Teams are still hitting big pass plays on the secondary. They just can't hold onto the ball afterwards.
*OU's terrible kick coverage is completely mystifying.
*The way the Sooners have played since the first seven or so minutes of this game is just not impressing me. The lack of a running game is particularly distressing. Also, I just don't understand these long stretches of games where OU goes to sleep. (OK, I might be overreacting.)
*Good to see Adron Tennell get a catch.
*Where would Virginia finish in the Sun Belt? I'd say fifth or sixth.
*Ever since the Texas Tech game last year, Manuel Johnson has been OU's best receiver, in my opinion.