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Seattle Slaying

Well, what can you say. Outstanding performance by the Sooners in the first half. It's tough to tell much, though--Washington just looks terrible. Is that the Huskies' starting center? Whoever this guy is, he seems to be dribbling every other snap back to Locker.

In reality, this game is playing out about like Homerism expected. Coming in I had no doubt the Sooner defensive line would dominate the Huskies' offensive line. Poor Jake Locker is being used for target practice. He won't survive this game if something doesn't change in the second half. I actually feel really bad for Washington.
If there's anything to pick on, it's still OU's collective tackling. Washington has gouged the Sooner secondary a few times only to fumble the ball away. Getting the ball back on a turnover is great, but you can't count on fumble recoveries against quality opposition.
There isn't much to criticize offensively. Broyles is a stud. Bradford is a stud. Gresham is a stud. Demarco Murray seems to lack some of the burst he had before his injury, but who knows. He actually seems to be running a little harder, though, so maybe it all comes out in the wash.
Empty the bench, Stoops.