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Good For What Ails the College Football Fan

Yahoo! Sports is one of those sites that Homerism hardly ever visits, but that's about to change.

Matt Hinton--the creative force behind Sunday Morning Quarterback--has started writing for Yahoo! under the handle "Dr. Saturday." If you're looking for the best college football analysis out there, bar none, this is the spot. Actually, it's probably the best sports writing around, period.
Hinton's work on SMQ exhibited the kind of compelling insight into the statistics and factors underlying the college game that you won't find anywhere else. (It's an approach similar to that of Aaron Schatz's Football Outsiders.) His rigorous, unique analysis sheds light on the so called "game within the game," providing a deeper understanding of the best--and most unpredictable--sport in the world.
On top of all that, Hinton's writing can be flat-out hilarious. Hopefully "going corporate" won't dull the razor-sharp wit and tone that characterized SMQ. For a sampling of his pre-Yahoo! genius check out his version of Chris Fowler's innermost thoughts and coverage of the Pope's recent visit to South Bend.