Blogging about college football by an Oklahoma Sooners fan.

Let's Get It On!

The games on Thursday and Friday night provided nice appetizers, but we're finally on to the main course. A few random thoughts as the season finally kicks off in earnest:

*Party time in Baton Rouge! Kinda. A 10 AM kickoff for Tiger fans, probably college football's drunkest, must be torturous. Oh yeah, it was 87 degrees at game time. What a way for this crew to celebrate a national championship. In all seriousness, though, Homerism asks Louisianans to please take every necessary precaution and stay safe over the next few days. 
*Chad Johnson now officially Ocho Cinco. "NFL looking into the issue," ESPN reports. I'd love to hear what's being investigated here, Sherlock Goodell. I don't remember you making a fuss when Pacman Jones informed us he wanted to be known as "Adam" from here on out.
*Resident ESPN GameDay sideshow Lee Corso says to keep an eye out for special teams boners in the opening week. This is probably the smartest thing Homerism recalls The Coach ever saying.
*Jesse Palmer is ESPN's best college football analyst. And it's not even close. Among the confederacy of dunces comprising ESPN's army of Saturday analysts, The Bachelor's well-researched and articulate opinions clearly stand out from the verbal diarrhea emanating from the various daises. In case you're wondering, Palmer's preseason pick as national champ: OU.
*Looks like Appalachian State definitely will not be this year's Appalachian State. Midway through the second quarter, LSU's ridiculous front four is having an absolute field day with the Mountaineers' overmatched offensive line. Stat of the game: Appalachian St. senior linebacker Pierre Banks is the 16th of 17 children. Yo!
*If you are looking for a potential out-of-nowhere upset... Keep your eye on Kent State. The Golden Flashes are 9.5-point underdogs to Boston College today, and bettors are hammering B.C., according to Contrarians everywhere, considered yourselves warned.
That's it for now, but Homerism will try to check in periodically throughout the day for more insight on the day's action.