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No-Name Secondary Big XII blogger Tim Griffin offers his assessment of the conference's best defensive backs. Is it me, or is this list a little lacking in star power? The top two, Missouri's William Moore and the Sooners' Nic Harris, are certainly proven performers, but the rest? Not so much.

Interestingly, Griffin doesn't mention any DBs from Texas. While the Longhorns' overall pass defense has been horrible statistically in recent years, it's hard to believe that Texas doesn't have anyone of merit in the secondary given all the talent head coach Mack Brown reels in every year.

With all the publicity surrounding the Big XII's supposed bumper crop of quarterbacks this year, a lack of quality secondaries around the league could portend even more offensive fireworks in 2008 than expected. Something to think about, though: The emergence of all these great offenses might say more about the league's defenses.