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Oklahoma Sooners in Review: Chattanooga

Saturday night's matchup with the Moccasins proved to be every bit the titanic mismatch it was billed to be. From the opening kick, it was clear the Mocs were completely outmanned against the Sooners.

In that sense, it's nearly impossible to say what OU did well. In fact, it's tough to judge what the Sooners didn't do well. Players have a hard time getting motivated for a cupcake, so the levels of concentration and execution typically suffer as well.
The top area of concern coming out of this game has to be the kicking game. It doesn't inspire much confidence when your placekicker blows an extra point. Walk-on kickoff specialist Matthew Moreland consistently booted the ball to the 15-yard line, which won't fly against opponents a little closer in talent to the Sooners.
Let's get real, though. OU's season starts in earnest next week with a home game against Cincinnati, one of the better-coached teams in the country. The Bearcats should provide a much better indicator of how the Sooners stack up against the USCs and Floridas of the college football world.