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Pistols Backfiring

A few more observations from the day's action so far:

*Not particularly impressed with Oklahoma State through the first quarter of the Cowboys' game against Washington State, which ended with OSU up 3-0. The Pokes' punt return game appeared to be their most potent weapon, with the offense sputtering. Then again, it's their first game, and it's two time zones away from home. Probably not that surprising.

*If he's watching USC-Virginia, Armanti Edwards is probably thinking he didn't get it so bad this morning. UVa's sophomore quarterback Peter Lalich--whose name sounds like he should be hitting up some accounting homework right now--has been getting brutalized by the Trojans' defense, which has looked pretty fearsome. USC did surrender a 60-yard touchdown drive, but the 'hoos gained half of that on penalties. Meanwhile, the Trojans' offense has done pretty much whatever they've wanted so far. The running game is humming, while quarterback Mark Sanchez has been downright surgical in carving up the Virginia defense.

*Is it me, or have there been a weird number of safeties so far in this first season?
*Haven't seen much of Michigan so far, but it sounds like the defense has been more of a problem than the O so far.