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Living on the Edge

Time is running out on Alabama and Texas Tech.
Both teams remain in the top five of this week's power poll based on their body of work up to this point, but both look ready for a fall. While Bama's offense is solid, they seem to lack the big-play ability needed to keep up with the best of the bunch. Tech, meanwhile, has notched two statement wins in the past two weeks against Nebraska and Texas A&M. Unfortunately for the Red Raiders, the statements being made are along the lines of "we're overrated."
In other news, good riddance to BYU. The Cougars had staked their reputation on rolling middling UCLA in Provo. Everyone--including Homerism--neglected that BYU had yet to do anything of note on the road, a fact that TCU made abundantly clear on Thursday night. Homerism is all for giving the mid-majors their due when it's merited, but the whining from most of these wannabes has become annoying.

Blatant Homerism Power Poll Week Eight
1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Penn State
5. Texas Tech
6. Utah
7. Boise St.
8. Oklahoma

9. USC
10. Tulsa