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Saturday Ramblings

*Good win for OU today. Baylor isn't as horrible as usual. The Bears' success running the ball was somewhat surprising and may be something to think about for next week's game. Colt McCoy has had some success this season running the zone read, much like Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

*Colorado is definitely shooting itself in the foot, but Texas looks damn good. The Longhorn front four is dominating the Buffs. Next week has the potential to be a classic. Homerism's early guess on the spread: OU -4.
*More annoying: Seth Green or a boil on your groin?
*Bigger statistical anomaly: the number of life-threatening disasters that occur in a year at the Grey's Anatomy hospital, or the number that occur at the ER hospital?
*The toughest part about the Missouri offense? It's not the explosiveness of all-purpose star Jeremy Maclin, although that's pretty scary. The Tigers' ability to convert third downs has to be so frustrating for opposing defenses. Mizzou ranks 16th in the country in third down conversion percentage. Most notably, it seems like Chase Daniel and company have an uncanny knack to convert third-and-longs, which must be incredibly deflating for a defense.
*Great win over William & Mary today, 'Nova.
*This might seem like an odd observation given that Arkansas was a 24-point underdog at home today, but Vegas keeps giving the Hogs an undue amount of respect.
*Texas Tech made a big-time statement today. Homerism suspected that the Red Raiders could be in for some trouble today against Kansas State. Not at all.
*Juice Williams averaged 24 yards per completion today. Not sure if that's more impressive than his 430 yards of total offense, though.