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Saturday Ramblings

While we're waiting through halftime of the longest football game in history...

*Demarco Murray still doesn't seem to be running like he was last year, but the sophomore tailback certainly looks more explosive today.
*Todd Reesing is doing a good job using the OU secondary's aggressiveness against them with play action. I'm surprised that KU coach Mark Mangino hasn't used the same short passes over the middle that gave OU such fits against Texas.
*I know injuries are part of the game and all, but the Sooners seem to lose so many key guys at the worst times.
*What is going on with the officiating in the Big XII? Whatever happened with Reesing's fumble in the first half is still a mystery to me.
*Surprisingly penalty-free game.
*Over-under on Bradford's passing yards for the game? I'll say 485.