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It's Not Just Who You Beat, It's Where

Yesterday's Oklahoma-Texas Tech game provided further evidence of the importance of home field in college football.

It's hard to imagine OU playing a better game than what took place last night at Owen Field. And therein lies the rub.
Few teams have the same kind of home edge that OU and Tech both enjoy. Home field plays such a big role in any college game, and it's even more important in places Like Norman and Lubbock. In Homerism's book, where you get your wins and losses is a big deal. That's why I think Florida's body of work is inferior to that of USC, and it's why I'm having such a hard time figuring what to do with OU and Texas.
First, let's deal with Florida. The Gators have been a buzz saw since losing earlier this year to Ole Miss. Oh, but that loss is a killer. The Rebels are having a nice little year, currently sitting 7-4 and probably heading for another win against Mississippi State. Losing to a team like that at home is not national championship-worthy, though. If that's not enough for you, the Gators' best wins look pretty underwhelming right now: Auburn, LSU, Georgia. None have lived up to preseason expectations. Of course, Florida still has rumbles with Alabama and Florida State left to make a statement, but for now, losing to Ole Miss sticks out like a sore thumb.
OU-Texas is a completely different animal, although the home-away dynamic still factors in. Homerism doesn't buy the argument that Texas should go in ahead of Oklahoma based on the Longhorns' head-to-head win. You can't just ignore a loss to a Tech team that the Sooners took to the woodshed. If all three teams tie for the Big 12 South crown, that kind of thinking turns in on itself. Obviously, however, the Red Raiders are out of the running after such a jaw-dropping loss to OU. Let's look at both teams' bodies of work against teams in the top 25 of the latest BCS standings. 
  • Key Wins: Oklahoma (neutral), Oklahoma State (home), Missouri (home)
  • Loss: Texas Tech (road)


  • Key Wins: Cincinnati (home), TCU (home), Texas Tech (home)
  • Loss: Texas (neutral)
  • Remaining: Oklahoma State (road)
By virtue of stomping Texas Tech last night, the Sooners own the most impressive win of any team this entire season. By beating OU on a neutral field, however, Texas has the best win, if that makes sense. The fact that Texas lost to Tech in such a close game also bolsters the Longhorns' case. I really want to put OU above Texas, but I just can't. With next week's trip to Stillwater still looming, though, the Sooners still have a chance to make the kind of statement that would put them over the top.
(Of course, I'd still put Utah above both.)

Blatant Homerism Power Poll Week Thirteen
1. Alabama
2. Utah
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma
5. USC
6. Florida
7. Boise State

8. Texas Tech
9. Penn State
10. Ball State