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Saturday Ramblings

*From the obvious department: I've never seen a team that can score as fast as Oklahoma.

*(In my best Norm Hitzges voice) Get this: Who's the frontrunner for the Big Ten right now?There's a good argument for Michigan State. The tiebreaker for the conference championship is most D-I teams played in a season. Put another way, fewest games against non-D-I opponents. Out of Penn State, Michigan State and Ohio State, that would be the Spartans. MSU currently sits at 9-2 overall with one conference loss. Now, the Spartans have a week off before heading to Happy Valley for their season finale, which becomes a de facto conference championship game.
*What an early turn of events in Baton Rouge.
*So Tennessee was distracted by Phil Fulmer's resignation this week, huh? Big deal. The Volunteers lost at home to easily one of the five worst teams in D-I, scoring a whopping seven points. If you weren't convinced UT needed a change...
*In other coaching news, Tim Brewster probably shouldn't be sitting by the phone for the big call this offseason.
*As an OU fan, watching Julio Jones always makes me lament what could have been.