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Saturday Ramblings

*Which is the oldest stadium in the Big Ten? The Big House, obviously. No! Camp Randall, opened in 1917.

*If you haven't read Chicago Tribune columnist Teddy Greenstein's pistol-whipping of Charlie Weis from yesterday's edition, check it out. I'm not a Weis fan, but I almost feel bad for the guy reading this kind of stuff. Almost. 
There are conflicting views on how hot Weis' seat really is. The athletic director may think the program is headed in the right direction, but that won't count for much if the big-time boosters want "Pear Bryant" out. Even if the powers that be do want to go in a different direction, I think they'll have to consider whether or not they will be able to find a quality coach to take the job, unless they throw the house at someone. At this point, that hefty contract extension Weis received mid-way through his first year in South Bend is starting to look like college football's equivalent of the Carl Pavano deal.
*If a play is blown dead, how is it possible to review the play and change a call into a fumble? I can understand how a fumble can be overturned on review. But, once the whistle is blown, that's the end of the play, right? This makes no sense to me.
*Tough sledding for the Jayhawks against Texas so far. Three yards rushing in the first half will do that to you.
*Apparently, the GameDay bunch thinks USC is held to a higher standard than other teams in college football. I guess it is a little unfair to penalize a team for losing. We should make sure the thrashings the Trojans administered to the Washingtons don't get lost in the shuffle.