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Bradford a Lock for Heisman

At least according to online gambling site

After OU's dominant finish and Bradford's stellar play in a couple nationally televised games during that stretch, the idea that he would be a slight favorite at this point wouldn't seem outlandish. However, a -550 line means the Sooner slinger is a virtual lock for the trophy. Following the outpouring of media affection for Tim Tebow in the wake of Florida's SEC championship, it's surprising the reigning winner is still considered a long shot. Likewise, I had assumed Texas quarterback Colt McCoy would steal a substantial number of votes as a consolation prize for missing out on the championship game.
Of course, if Bradford does win, it's not exactly a good omen for the Sooners' title hopes, as it's impossible to win a national championship after winning college football's most prestigious award. Huh, who's Matt Leinart? No, I have no idea who won the 2005 title game.