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"Class" Is For Losers

As usual, Dr. Saturday offers a dead-on take today on one of the hot topics in college football: running up the score.

I love it when people start to toss around nonsensical ideas like "class" and "respect for the game" in these discussions. If someone could provide a meaningful definition of what class actually is, I'd appreciate it. 
For example, say I'm standing on first base with an 11-run lead in the eighth inning and I choose not to steal second. Am I still "respecting the game" if I don't steal because I'm more interested in ending the game and hitting the club?
Your opponents are under no obligation to call off the dogs, no matter the score. Once you get tired of getting whipped, do something about it. If not now, you'll have plenty of opportunities in the future to exact some revenge. Hopefully, Stoops isn't going anywhere.
Besides, if a coach ordered his team to just start taking a knee in the second half of a blowout, wouldn't that be equally demeaning to an opponent? 
To all the haters out there, let's be real: "class" don't mean a thing when it comes to running it up.