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McFarland: It Won't Die

More news in the Jamarkus McFarland-New York Times saga today, as Texas coach Mack Brown blasted the Gray Lady's reporting.

Dallas Morning News writer Chuck Carlton's reporting of Brown's response is somewhat unclear: "Neither Brown nor Texas athletic spokesman John Bianco said they were contacted by the Times for comment before publication." To Homerism, that means Brown and Bianco did not say they were contacted for comment. That doesn't mean they said they were not contacted for comment.
Semantics aside, I'm assuming Brown and Bianco said NYT didn't approach UT for comment for the story. If true, that's absolutely inexcusable. How this would have made it into print without attempting to get the Texas side of the story is beyond me.
LSU and Tigers head coach Les Miles came off pretty poorly in the article. It would be interesting to hear the Mad Hatter weigh in.
UPDATE: McFarland's high school coach, John Outlaw, declined to comment on the story, according to the Lufkin Daily News.