Blogging about college football by an Oklahoma Sooners fan.

No Respect, I Tell Ya

Homerism wants to register a complaint: I'm sick and tired of the "no respect" card.

Apparently, there isn't one team in college football that receives the respect it deserves.
Texas beat Oklahoma straight up on a neutral field, but gets passed over for the Big 12 title game. To add insult to injury, Longhorn QB Colt McCoy finishes second in the Heisman race to the guy he beat in the Red River Shootout. No respect!
Saint-in-waiting Tim Tebow finishes third in the Heisman balloting, denying his circumcision-given right to a second trophy. There must have been a media-driven conspiracy in the Southwest. What an affront to Gators everywhere! Watch out, Sooners!
USC has a kick-ass defense. And have you seen what USC does in big games? Don't forget the Trojans whipped Ohio State this year. Oregon State is a good team, so it's not like that's such a bad loss. The East Coast media just doesn't give the Pac-10 teams any credit. USC, the Pac-10 and the states of California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington (kinda) just can't get a fair shake!

How dare you question OU's worthiness to be in the national championship game, let alone the Big 12 title game? I mean, have you seen what the Sooners' offense did the last five games of the year? It's probably the best offense in history. On top of all that, it's pretty insulting that someone would argue that anyone other than Sam Bradford should win the Heisman. Where's the respect for the Sooners?
Penn State, Utah, Boise State, Alabama and Texas Tech don't deserve as much respect, but they don't get it either.
Listen, Homerism understands why coaches love disrespect. Look how well it worked for the Giants. And the Celtics. And Rodney Dangerfield.
But it's played-out. If the best teams in college football aren't receiving their proper props, who is?
Everybody's great. Everybody's the man. If you need Kirk Herbstreit and Tim Brando to tell you that, well, then you probably aren't.