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Rites of Spring: Stoops to NFL?

For a while there, it looked like Bob Stoops' allure for pro teams had dissipated. While the Sooners head coach used to be the subject of an annual will-he-stay-or-go discussion when NFL jobs opened up, that talk seemed to dwindle in recent years.

Now comes this report from ESPN blogger Bill Williamson, who says Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen may make a play for Stoops to take over for departed coach Mike Shanahan.
Homerism has no idea if Stoops has big league aspirations, what his family would think of the move, etc. I will say that Denver looks like the best job in the NFL from my vantage point, though: supportive owner, strong fan base, young talent on the roster, a dynamic locale and an imminently winnable division in the AFC West.