Blogging about college football by an Oklahoma Sooners fan.

Look good, play good

With all of the changes to college football uniforms, I am one who’s glad that the Sooners haven’t made any changes to theirs. This is football—not a freaking fashion show.

However, I wouldn’t mind one minor change on occasion, and that is a reversal of OU’s helmet. Check out this one on the left. It doesn’t look goofy like some teams have done.

(Are you listening, Maryland? Holy crap, Batman! It looks like someone dropped acid before designing that thing. Yeah, I know they got it from the state flag, but whoever designed that was doing drugs, too.)

It would be cool to see the Sooners use the white helmet with red “OU” for home games—should blend in nicely with their red jerseys.

Oklahoma helmet

Above is another design that I came across. It shows a Sooner Schooner on a white helmet.

Oklahoma State helmet

However, if that looks too much like what Oklahoma State did in displaying Pistol Pete on the Pokes' helmets (above) for your taste, I wouldn't blame you.

No need to follow such poor fashion sense.

-Ray Dozier