Blogging about college football by an Oklahoma Sooners fan.

Postseason in full swing for Sooner baseball, softball squads

Oklahoma’s baseball team begins Big 12 tournament play Thursday in Oklahoma City, while the Sooners' softball team hosts Texas A&M in the super regional bracket. Both sports normally have good turnouts to cheer on the Crimson and Cream.

It’s obvious that those who support the Sooners are mostly football fans and don’t give a rat's ass about the other 16 sports. I guess you can’t blame those football-only fans; after all, football does drive the Sooner Schooner down the boulevard of big revenue.

Early on this year, baseball fans had something to be excited about. The team looked like a lock for the College World Series with a 25-5 record through March. So far in April and May, the team has gone 10-12, including dropping nine of the last 12 games. OU lost the last three conference series (only one win in three games each against West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Kansas State).

So we can put this in terms Sooner fans might better understand, let's equate that to football. If the Sooners dropped the last three conference games, they obviously would not have won the Big 12 title and would probably end up going to a crappy bowl.

Can you imagine the radio talk shows? Callers would be jamming the lines wanting Bob Stoops to be fired. The message boards would be overloaded with "Fire Stoops!" comments. And columnists can't wait to give their two cents about what’s wrong with the football team when it goes into a nosedive.

Yet, you don't hear any calls for baseball coach Sunny Golloway’s ass to be booted out of Norman. If anyone cares, Galloway does have the talent to right his sinking ship this weekend.

As for the softball girls, their ship has been right all season long (ranked No. 1 every week). They should go Johnny Manziel over the Aggies en route to the World Series.