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Mike Gundy, man of indecision

Mike Gundy

Did you ever have to make up your mind? Pick up on one and leave the other behind.

Those are the lyrics to a Lovin’ Spoonful classic song released in 1966. It reminds me of Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy.

A couple of weeks ago, Gundy declared that Clint Chelf would be his starting quarterback this season.

“Chelf is our starter,” he proclaimed. “He takes all the reps with the (first team) right now. Those guys (J.W. Walsh and Wes Lunt) compete out there, but I don’t necessarily feel like there’s a battle out there to start the game.”

Then, last week Gundy said that “we haven’t necessarily said anything about the first game of the season.

Did you ever have to finally decide? Say yes to one and let the other one ride.

Gundy mentioned that Chelf is the front-runner for now “I don’t see any reason to not mention that. But we haven’t established who would be the starter for any particular reason.”

Keep Gundy away from “Let’s Make A Deal."

Wayne Brady: “OK, Mr. Gundy. You get to pick from three curtains for the grand prize. Which curtain is your choice?”

Gundy: “Curtain one… no wait, curtain two. Hold it… curtain three. No, wait! Definitely curtain number two.”

God forbid that the Big 12 Championship would be behind that curtain.

Better go home, son, and make up your mind. Then you bet you'd better finally decide!