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Stoops making wrong call in Bedenbaugh

Bill Bedenbaugh apparently will become OU’s new offensive line coach. Although not confirmed by the University of Oklahoma, if the reports are true, it seems Bob Stoops is not committed to improving the run game in Norman.

Bedenbaugh has served as the o-line boss at three schools (West Virginia, Arizona and Texas Tech) over the past eight years. He also served as running game coordinator and offensive coordinator for a few years at ’Zona. Bedenbaugh is supposedly an expert on the spread offense, which seems to have no respect for the running game. During his 10 years as an assistant, the best running game he oversaw ranked 48th nationally (158.4 yards per game) at Arizona in 2008. Other times, the running game has stunk where he was in charge.

He has produced zero first-team All-Americans and only two first-team all-conference players—Don Barclay in 2011 at West Virginia and Eben Britton in 2008 at Arizona. During the same eight years, the Sooners have produced three All-Americans (Duke Robinson in 2007 and 2008; Trent Williams in 2009). Oklahoma also had 10 first-team all-conference selections.

Run Games Under Bill Bedenbaugh

Year Team Position YPG National Rank
2012 WVU Off. Line 171.8 52
2011 WVU Off. Line 122.7 92
2010 UA Off. Coord./OL 139.2 88
2009 UA Run Game Coord./OL 159.4 52
2008 UA Run Game Coord./OL 158.4 48
2007 UA Run Game Coord./OL 76.7 114
2006 TT Off. Line 78.4 112
2005 TT Off. Line 107 104
2004 TT RBs 92 112
2003 TT RBs 107.5 104

When Bedenbaugh was an assistant at Arizona, his boss was Mike Stoops. Bedenbaugh’s wife is from Oklahoma. named him one of the nation’s top recruiters. So, what?

All that means nothing if he can’t turn his recruits into post-season honorees and improve the Sooners’ run game, which is vital if Stoops is serious about winning his second national championship any time soon. Notably, over the last six years, the national champ has finished 16th or better in the running game.

Stoops could have made a better choice.