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Linking Up: Sooners season awards; Alabama defense

Check ‘em out.

*I did a piece for Athlon on team awards for the Sooners from the 2018 season.

*Also came up with five reasons Oklahoma could win the College Football Playoff.

*Took a look at the Alabama defense for Crimson and Cream Machine. Not many foolproof answers here, unfortunately.

*I thought Ian Boyd did a nice job breaking down the offseason to-do lists for teams in the Big 12. Don’t buy into the idea that Kyler Murray will be playing football for the Sooners in the fall – not happening.

*Great conversations about athlete activism at this Aspen Institute event, including commentary from Tulsa’s own Etan Thomas. The insight from Ellis McKennie of the Maryland Terrapins on what went down when the school’s administration tried to bring back coach D.J. Durkin is really compelling.

  • Durkin is helping out at Alabama in some consulting role, by the way. Morality aside, Nick Saban taking in a coach who had so much dirty laundry aired in the last year seems like an unnecessary risk. He’s tempting fate if he keeps pushing it.

-Allen Kenney