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Linking Up: Sooners and new redshirt rule

Not too long until the season actually starts, so nibble on these links in the meantime.

*I wrote a piece for Athlon this week on the rookie Sooners who are most likely to benefit from the new guidelines for redshirts. I'm betting we'll see a fair number of true freshmen on the field this season who don't exceed the four game limit.

*In contrast to a lot of the standard media days fare, Ian Boyd went heavy on philosophies and tactics in his conversations with coaches from the Big 12. Definitely give his Q-and-A with Lincoln Riley a read.

*I realize that what he did to get in trouble in the first place is unforgivable to so many people, but the post-prison chapter of Michael Vick's life is truly extraordinary to me. Definitely give a listen to Bomani Jones' new podcast with Vick.

*Another podcast rec: Braden Gall's Cover 2 show from SEC media days. He talked to a variety of attendees about the greatest challenges facing the future of college football.

It may sound crazy to say this now given the sport's popularity, but I honestly believe the potential for substantial declines in interest in college football is very real. If athletic departments aren't developing new strategies now to build long-term engagement with fans, they will regret it.

*The woman from the art gallery in the first episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's new shoe is 100 percent living her best life.

-Allen Kenney