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Linking Up: Previewing Oklahoma-Army, Texas-TCU, Oklahoma State-Texas Tech

For your consideration.

*Over at Athlon, I previewed the OU-Army game. Can’t imagine this will be a fun night for OU’s defense.

*Also, I took a look at Texas-TCU. Interesting matchup. Should tell us a lot of about the Longhorns.

*Count on a wild one in Stillwater on Saturday between OSU and Texas Tech. Jim Knowles, OSU’s first-year defensive coordinator, has put in some work there.

*During this week’s podcast, I talked with Mark Leibovich about my dislike of the NFL. I can honestly say Baker Mayfield’s debut on Thursday night was the most fun I’ve ever had watching an NFL game.

*A couple recommendations:

  • Michael Eric Dyson’s new book What Truth Sounds Like offers one of the more cogent articulations I’ve ever read of the problems with race in American discourse.

  • Band called Hiss Golden Messenger opened for Jason Isbell at a show I went to this summer. I really dug their sound at the time and finally got a chance to give their most recent album a spin. Like Bob Dylan steeped in more of a California tradition.

  • I love The Daily podcast from The New York Times, which seems to reflect the direction of how news organizations are starting to package/enhance their reporting. This month’s two-part series on the chaos that enveloped Houston’s emergency response systems during Hurricane Harvey is superb, if not agonizing.

-Allen Kenney