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Linking Up: Sooners depth chart for spring

How about some links to tide everyone over heading into the weekend?

*Here’s my stab at an early offensive depth chart for OU prior to the start of spring practice. UPDATE: Here’s the defense.

*I loved Nate Jackson’s piece for Deadspin on the Tony Romo craze. On a related note, we’re in a weird world where it seems as though people have more interest in talking about a color commentator than a great NFL playoff game.

*In not-so-stunning news, the Pac-12 is ditching Levi’s Stadium as the site of its conference championship game. Man, a title game in Vegas sounds pretty choice.

*Bob Diaco, we hardly knew ye.

*A few reasons why Texas fans are pumped about the upcoming season.

*If you’re here, you probably have more interest in reading about OU’s hopes of going back to the playoff.

*Ten Big 12 players who are on the spot in 2019.

*A few thoughts on what Alex Grinch brings to the table as the Sooners’ new defensive coordinator. Same for Jalen Hurts, OU’s new starting quarterback.

-Allen Kenney