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Linking Up: A bunch of stuff from the last month

Sorry for my absence in the last month - I’m sure it left a hole in your souls. Been slammed.

Anyway, a few odds and ends from the last few weeks.

*I took a deep dive into the latest updates to Bill Connelly’s S&P+ and what they implied about OU and the Big 12 in the last few years.

*Here’s a look at the most likely candidates to break out for the Sooners this season. Similarly, keep an eye on these newcomers for OU and another set for Texas.

*What should OU focus on in recruiting in the 2020 class? Here are my takes for the offense and the defense.

*The Big 12’s non-conference slate for this season is pretty lackluster.

*The talent gap between OU and Texas and the rest of the Big 12 is enormous.

*Pretty good breakdown of OU’s 2019 recruiting class from Ian Boyd.

-Allen Kenney