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Blatant Homerism Mobile Applications

iphoneWe're proud to announce a partnership with Notice Software for mobile applications of Blatant Homerism and other Bloguin partner sites for the Iphone and Android Smart Phones (read the press release)

Although bloggers probably don't get away from their computers enough, we understand that you do. However that shouldn't hinder your ability to consume some of the great content across Bloguin when you know you're in a boring conversation, waiting for your friend, on the road, procrastinating at work, or stuck at a horrible movie with Nicholas Cage in it.

By downloading one of these apps you'll be able to:

- be notified of new content updates
- read and search through all articles
- see relevant content across the network
- and in a future release have the ability to read and leave comments

Below is a list of the sites that have applications as well as a few screenshots of what to expect along with some links on how to get these applications. We'll be updating this list as more sites become available.

iphoneBlatant Homerism

Iphone App

Android- just search Blatant Homerism in app store




Info page

Iphone Apps