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Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports goes after Tim Tebow in a column published today.

OK, Doyel doesn't go after Tebow exactly, but more the national love affair with the Florida quarterback. It's not what you'd expect--Doyel isn't suffering from the same kind of fatigue that Homerism is. No, Doyel takes issue with Tebow's "beatification." 
When it comes to Tebow's on-field accomplishments, Doyel is correct in saying that the quarterback being touted by some as the greatest college football player of all time wouldn't be held in such esteem playing at Louisville or New Mexio. Seeing as the team around him is Florida and all. But we don't live in a world of hypotheticals.
Doyel's take on Tebow's off-the-field greatness really gets to the heart of a deeper issue, though, and it's one that few in the media want to address for fear of being of raising the ire of Christians everywhere. Whether or not you agree with his criticism, it's at least refreshing to hear someone go against the grain.