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If You Love Someone...

Boston College plans to axe head coach Jeff Jagodzinski if he follows through with his interview on Monday with the New York Jets, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Sure, a contract is a contract. But that what's buyouts are for. Homerism has never been down with employers of any sort using threats of termination to prevent employees from exploring their options. My philosophy is that in the short term, employees are worthless to you if you're holding them against their will. In the long run, who wants to work at a place where your boss won't respect your desire to be happy?

BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo needs to realize that it's a good thing when an NFL team wants to hire your coach. There are plenty of Jeff Jagodzinskis out there waiting to take his place in Chestnut Hill, and there will be even more if he heads off to the pros. If you don't believe that, pony up to keep your coach on board.

If you really love Jags that much, BC, set him free.