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Prestige and Prima Donnas

A couple interesting news-ish items permeating the Web right now:

*ESPN has named Oklahoma the most prestigious college football program of all time.

This wouldn't mean anything if it was just someone's opinion. But, hey, the Worldwide Leader used a mathematical formula to decide this, so you can't argue with that. It's science.
*(Jerry) Bomar Bitches About Bob.

Homerism always has maintained that Sooner castaway Rhett Bomar would have been the best quarterback in OU history. If there's at least one person who agrees with me, it's Bomar's dad, Jerry.
Unfortunately, it's that kind of mindset that ultimately brought his son down at OU. How else can Rhett's brazen flaunting of both the law and NCAA rules be explained?
Anyway, now that Rhett wants to play in the NFL, Jerry has resurfaced. Apparently, he thinks the best way to advance Rhett's career is to do interviews badmouthing OU and accusing Bob Stoops of being a cheater. Of course, this is the same guy who bitched in the press about Stoops playing favorites in the QB competition between Rhett and Paul Thompson. Then, when he got his way and Rhett was made the starter, Jerry pitched a fit to reporters that his son, whom he coached in high school, didn't get enough reps before the season.
Jerry is no doubt bitter that things didn't work out for Rhett at OU. He should be. The obvious sense of entitlement that this little league dad on steroids imparted to his son cost him a shot at the accolades that come with being a star QB at an elite program. It also cost him the millions of dollars that come with being a top NFL draft pick.
If you're an NFL team looking for a late-round QB flyer with major upside, Homerism highly recommends taking a chance on Rhett Bomar. He has all the tools to succeed at the pro level.
And just ignore his dad.