Blogging about college football by an Oklahoma Sooners fan.

Tough Pill to Swallow


From an OU fan's perspective, what more can be said about about Oklahoma's loss tonight?
No, Homerism isn't disappointed in the Sooners' performance tonight. I'm disappointed that the Sooners came up short one more time.
Expect to hear plenty of crap spewing from the pundits in the wake of yet another big game loss for the Sooners. This may be Blatant Homerism, but don't buy it.
"OU doesn't play defense." Really? The Sooners' defense looked pretty damn stout tonight, at least to Homerism. The Gators were every bit as tough and physical as they were billed to be, but Oklahoma only succumbed after taking Florida's best shots.
"Choke-lahoma blew it again." If you think the performance OU put on tonight is choking, well, agree to disagree.
"OU is undeserving and overrated." USC and Texas and Utah can complain all they want. A game like the one played tonight is indicative of college football at its best. Florida's title win may not be the instant classic we saw a few years ago in the Rose Bowl, but it's not that far off. To be a part of that is a statement about the quality of OU's team and program.
In the end, this is a Florida victory. The Gators made all the plays on both sides of the ball necessary to win. 

Dog OU and head coach Bob Stoops for yet another title game loss and five straight defeats in BCS games if you want. Whatever. The Sooners went into hostile territory and went toe to toe with an ultra-talented team that is a very deserving champion. Good game, OU. Congratulations, Florida. You're the undisputed national champs.