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Saturday Ramblings: In My Face

*"Unless Sark can sneak the Seahawks into the purple and gold today, U-Dub is not winning this game." Suck it, Homerism.

The biggest loser here? Ty Willingham, no question.

Of the people who actually were involved in the game, USC's offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates clearly didn't come off very well. With or without Matt Barkley at quarterback, mustering just 13 points on offense against a defense that gave up 23 to Idaho probably isn't what Southern Cal is paying the former NFL assistant for.

*Funny how in college football it still feels like it's tough to figure who's good three weeks into the year.

*Is it me, or does it seem like no one ever calls out Mike Leach for having such undisciplined teams? So careless with the ball, which is so dangerous against a defense coached by Will Muschamp.

*Eric Berry made a stronger case for the Heisman today than Tim Tebow in today's Florida-Tennessee snoozer. It's

a shame that Tennessee's defense is shackled to such a piss-poor O. Even though the game was much closer than expected, I didn't really see any chinks in the Gators' armor.

*Cincinnati's win over Oregon State in Corvallis won't get much pub nationally, but that's big for the Bearcats. As we've seen many times, the Beavers are such a strong team at home. Good sign for Brian Kelly's team to be able to go on that kind of long road trip and come away with the win.

*If it hasn't already, this should make OU fans very nervous.

*Ryan Mallett will be a top-five draft pick when Bobby Petrino is done with him.