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Saturday Ramblings

*So is Sam Bradford's trip to see James Andrews good or bad?

*For as well as Dan Mullen of Mississippi State coached today, what was he thinking on that third-down pass play? I'm trying to remember a team and coach involved in more bizarre/lucky finishes than Louisiana State under Les Miles. Think it may catch up with them next week against Georgia.

*Caught the preview special for the new season of The Hills today. The bitch is back! I was sad to hear that Kristin and Jessica don't speak anymore. Speaking of which, it seems like Kristin has grown considerably less hot in recent years. Think it's fair to say LC has finally passed her.

*Virginia Tech defense came to play today. This weather definitely favors the Hokies' mudders. The U almost looks like it's on the verge of throwing in the towel. (Bad break for OU's national title hopes.)

*Remember when Colt McCoy didn't throw interceptions?

*You don't hear as many people singing Jim Grobe's praises lately.

*I understand Florida State having a letdown game today, but losing outright to South Florida without Matt Grothe? And what to make of that relative to FSU's beatdown of Brigham Young last week?

*Buffalo Wild Wang, M.D., was in the presence of greatness last night. Buffalo icon and former American Idoler John Stevens treated some local bowling alley patrons to a few karaoke standards. Wang reports the set list included "Mack the Knife" and a duet of "Cruisin'" performed with "some broad."