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How Has Tim Tebow Really Performed in 2009?

(Editor's Note: Homerism's article on Tim Tebow and the 2009 season's suckage elicited some differences of opinion, particularly from the always vocal Gator Nation. We thought we'd seek out the views of our buddies over at Gators First in the interest of equal time. James Brown, the hardest-workin' man in Florida blogging, addressed Tebow's performance and the perceived struggles of the Gators in an article this week. He graciously allowed us to run the following excerpt. For an in-depth analysis of the state of the Gators, though, make sure to check out the entire article at

I actually think, with the exception of throwing TDs to the guys wearing the wrong-colored shirts last week, Tebow has been just as good as last season. We haven't needed the passing game, and his efficiency stats have really been fine.

A lot of the same talking heads that were questioning his being in the game halfway through the 3rd quarter against Kentucky are now wondering why he doesn't throw more touchdown passes. They are stacking up our passing totals, and saying ‘Tebow is 79th nationally in passing TDs', or whatever it is, and tearing him down. How about pointing to the way he lead us on critical drives to win the Arkansas game?

Anyway, it would be foolish to say there isn't something off with the passing game. I think the problem is that our only real playmaking receiver, to date, is Aaron Hernandez. Riley Cooper is an excellent blocker, and a great receiver to have on your team, but he's not going to play the Murphy/Harvin role. Plus, he was watching seasons 1-4 of Entourage on DVD, between wood bat league baseball games, this summer instead of playing catch with his roommate, Tebow. Cooper's flu, Tebow's flu, Tebow's concussion, and Thompson's hammy can't have helped us develop a rhythm. I am confident that will come, but I'd like to see it soon. Like, now.

The troubling thing, to me, about Tebow's performance is that he does seem to be taking off a little early, scrambling out of the pocket before a play develops or someone comes open. But the TV tape is hard to use to determine what's going on down field, so I'll give him a pass on it, for now. Teams also seem to be slapping at his hands as he winds up more, which caused a fumble against Arkansas, and a wounded-duck TAINT (TD after INT, courtesy Bill Simmons) against MSU last week.

I was initially troubled by his blowing off reporters last week, but now I like it. The Tebow is angry. TEBOW SMASH UGA! Or at least that's what I hope. He could be directly auditioning for his new team, in their home stadium, in his hometown. So I like the anger-angle.