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OU-Texas: Adversity Gets a Win

Let's pretend Homerism didn't actually watch today's OU-Texas game. You give me three statistics:

  • Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford plays eight snaps.
  • Fiver turnovers.
  • Ten penalties for 125 yards.
  • A net loss of 14 yards rushing.

I would've have guessed that Texas beat Oklahoma by roughly five touchdowns.

Instead, however, the Sooners are lamenting another close loss in an important game.

In that respect, it's tough to see how OU fans could ask for much more of their squad. Yes, OU certainly could have won this game. Yes, OU repeatedly shot itself in the foot with dumb mistakes. Yes, it's disappointing to lose to your biggest rival for the fourth time in five years.

Still, even with Bradford sidelined yet again, even with all the problems OU is having on its offensive line, the only thing separating the Sooners and Longhorns was a missed Jimmy Stevens field goal. Despite taking the loss, I can't help but see lots of positive in that. (And I'm far from a glass-half-full guy.)