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Saturday Ramblings: Oct. 10

*Some quick hitters on OU's 33-7 win over Baylor:

  • That was one unimpressive 26-point victory.
  • Good performance by the defense, although I got the impression Baylor might have had a shot with Robert Griffin.
  • Landry Jones impressed me while filling in for Sam Bradford, but Mr. Heisman is just so smooth, even on an off day. He could have thrown for 500 yards had it not have been for all the drops.
  • Any chance Ryan Broyles makes it back next week? How could the Sooners' receiving corp be this bad? DeJuan Miller showed some promise, although he needs to work on his consistency. Then again, that could be said about the entire group.
  • Who exactly is supposed to be fooled by those "option" plays OU runs with Bradford? I love the way he actually carries out the fake on the power play.
  • The running game isn't really where I expected it would be, either.
  • Beating Texas next week will require something like a 13-10 game. Anybody actually see that happening?

*Can't wait to see Todd's Taste of the Town tonight in Austin. Lots of great options.

*Sign on ESPN GameDay this morning: "Two Guys, One Corso."

*Wow, guess Ole Miss really is that bad... And 'Bama is that good.

*This week's promo for Desparate Housewives sounded especially goofy being read by the ABC announcers. Ron Franklin couldn't even get through it: "An old flame stirs up trouble for Gabby... Meanwhile, Bree contemplates her first threesome."

*What's gotten into Colorado?

*As good as Colt McCoy is, Jordan Shipley is going to be even tougher for them to replace when he's gone. He is lethal in Texas' offensive scheme.

*That was the Arkansas team I figured we'd see this season.

*Everybody keeps telling me how great the Wegmans grocery stores are. So I finally go to one this morning. It was frightening. I was so overwhelmed that I only had like three things that I needed and I forgot two of them.

*Virginia Tech obviously has everyone's attention lately. But away from Blacksburg?

*France beat something called Faroe Island today in a World Cup qualifier. Speaking of which, did you catch Bob Ley's spot outside the stadium in Tegucígalpa for the United States' match with Honduras? Looked like they were playing at the football stadium in Depew, Okla., or something.

*Two guys named Grant Gregory and Steven Sheffield are playing quarterback for Kansas State and Texas Tech tonight. Anybody have any idea who these two dudes are?