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Saturday Ramblings: Oct. 3

*Did anyone catch Verne Lunquist during the opening of the LSU-Georgia game? Can't you picture him passed out on a bed at the Tuscaloosa Marriott on a Friday night, shirt unbuttoned, minibar door wide open, tiny vodka bottles strewn out next to him, pay-per-view preview channel blaring on the TV?

*Finally saw The Hurt Locker last night. It's hard to categorize director Kathryn Bigelow's spectacular film. Maybe "suspense docu-drama?" Whatever it is, you'll have a newfound respect for just how dangerous life is in Iraq--for both the country's citizens and the armed forces stationed there--after watching this. Thrilling and enlightening at the same time, which is pretty tough to pull of.

*Looks like LSU's o-linemen have a case of the "Bayou Fever." They're chundering left and right.

*Michigan State was so close to blowing that game today in classic Sparty fashion. Tate Forcier has some guts.

*One of my favorite names in college football: Darius Dewberry.

*How is it that Mark Richt's offense looks so good and yet Georgia scores so few points?

*AJ Green is a monster. That celebration penalty that was called on his touchdown was ludicrous. These officials need to get a grip.

*If you were going to a birthday party on a Saturday afternoon, would you rather the hosts served a sandwich tray or pizza?

*Forecast for tonight in Miami is damn near perfect. Don't think it favors either team, although the humidity may favor the 'Canes.