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Saturday Ramblings: Oct. 31

Random thoughts while wondering why Comcast would black out the USC-Oregon game on the East Coast:

*Very weird game in Norman this evening. Kansas State coach Bill Snyder always has a great offensive game plan when going up against Oklahoma. I honestly think that was more of an issue tonight than the Sooner defense sleepwalking through the third quarter. Since the Miami game, opponents have had success using misdirection run plays and cutbacks against the Sooners. Brent Venables may want to clean that up.

*How many failed television pilots has Bailey Salinger appeared in?

*OU's offense showed some grit in the second half. Landry Jones really looked sharp throwing the ball. DeJuan Miller showed plenty of flashes of brilliance throughout the game. The struggles in the run game continue to be concerning.

*Sad seeing Sam Bradford up in the press box tonight standing behind Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson.

*I'd put K-State burner Brandon Banks up against anyone in college football in a foot race.

*Bizarre OU game fit in well with bizarre day of college football in general. How many near upsets turned into blowouts?

*Why the hell was Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy running QB Zac Robinson on zone reads down four TDs with four minutes left?

*Tim Tebow really threw it in my face today. Dominating performance by Florida and the Gators' quarterback. Did Tebow insert himself back into the Heisman race today?

I don't see anyone taking down the Gators from here on out.

*Two strong weeks in a row for Texas. After the Longhorns finished wiping the floor with Oklahoma State, The Bachelor called UT "the most complete team in the country." I consider that a stretch, as Texas' offense has yet to prove it can move the ball consistently against a quality defense. The Texas D is nasty, though.

*Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I saw Colt McCoy still in the game in the fourth quarter tonight throwing on first down with a 41-7 lead. Personally, I don't have any issue with that, and I don't really consider that "running up the score." However, I thought Mack Brown, the classiest of the classy in college football, was supposed to be above that kind of thing?

Plenty of Texas honks vilified Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops last season for allegedly pouring it on opponents late in the year to score "style points." If you wear burnt orange-tinted glasses and would like to explain why it would be kosher for Texas to do that this year while it wasn't for the Sooners to do it last year, Homerism is all ears.