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Saturday Ramblings: October 24

*The Arkansas Razorbacks "shot their wad" last week at Florida, said Lee Corso, ESPN's resident pervert, on GameDay this morning. (Herbstreit's reaction is priceless. LaVell Edwards = clueless.)

If true, my condolences to the grounds crew at The Swamp.

*Wanny, you've made me look like a fool so many times. Don't blow this.

*Anyone tried the new Bud Light Golden Wheat?

*This morning, Ray Bentley had the gall to say Ron Zook has done "a good job" in his five years at Illinois. Pam Ward just said an Illini defender had "induced" a Purdue runner out of bounds. Is this really the best that ESPN can do?

*A few other wagers I like today: Houston (-16), TCU (-2.5), Vandy (+13.5). The line in the Miami game is messing with my mind. The 'Canes look like a sure thing to cover the four points. Guess that makes it the obvious game?

*Can someone explain what's going on with Nebraska right now? And what has gotten into Kansas State? Is that Cody Hawkins I see in the game for Colorado?

*Believe it or not, 7-11 may make the best donuts around. They certainly blow Krispy Kreme out of the water.

*My Heisman ballot would look something like:
1. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
2. Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati
3. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State
4. Jacory Harris, QB, Miami
5. Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU