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Bob Stoops Says Notre Dame Rumor is Bunk

Bob Stoops put the kibosh on the talk today about the supposed interest on the part of the Oklahoma Sooners' head coach in taking over at Notre Dame. As for where the rumor, first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, started, Stoops says he doesn't know.

Much like the mysterious source of the Stoops scuttlebutt, Homerism's take on the situation somehow wormed its way onto ESPN's "Rumor Central" ($) feed today. I certainly appreciate the exposure from The Worldwide Leader.

Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to remind readers that Blatant Homerism is really nothing more than the speculation and analysis of one man and a select group of contributors. Hopefully, you find BH's commentary entertaining and insightful—at least on occasion—but please don't confuse what I do with "reporting" in the classic sense.

Elsewhere in the world of college football:

*Nike unveiled the special "Pro Combat" OU uniforms today, and Bryan Waters at Oklahoma Sooners Football Examiner has the skinny.

*"Game management" fanatic Chris Brown over at Smart Football writes that Bill Belichick made the right call on the late fourth-down attempt in Sunday night's game against the Colts. Not surprisingly, Hall of Famer Peter King (HOW?!) skewered the Patriots coach's decision.

I generally apply the Costanza Corollary to any such conclusions reached by King and just go with the opposite. That goes double when Smart Football is advancing the counterargument to PK. Thus, good move, Bill.

*I found this analysis of potential candidates for the Virginia job at once both humorous and sad. Brian Kelly, Gary Patterson, Chris Peterson. Really? Can I interest you in this bridge I have for sale?

*I figured Zac Robinson may be done for the season after sustaining a vicious hit late in Saturday night's game from Texas Tech defensive back Jamar Wall. Turns out he's probably playing on Thursday night, per Mike Gundy. If Sam Bradford deserves props for trying to fight through his shoulder problems, the same should be said for Robinson. The Oklahoma State quarterback played in last season's Holiday Bowl with an arm almost falling off and led the Cowboys to a win against Georgia to start this season on one leg.

I'd love to see the look on Robinson's face in the huddle every time Gundy calls those keepers and options he's so fond of.