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Linking Up: Oklahoma Sooners, Bob Stoops Taking Major Fire

Let's start off some with OU links:

*If Sooner fans are wondering if it would be possible to just turn down a bowl bid, Tulsa World columnist Dave Sittler says it's not happening. Frankly, the suggestion that OU should pass on a bid is ridiculous. More important than the game itself, a bowl means extra practice time for the participants. Can anyone really argue that this team doesn't need the work?

*Berry Tramel of the Daily Oklahoman writes that embarrassed is the only way to describe the Sooners' performance against Texas Tech.

*Carey Murdock of Rivals affiliate Sooner Scoop, hardly an OU agitator, says Sooner coach Bob Stoops has taken up residence in an "ivory castle" ($). It's time for OU's leader to show some fire, according to Murdock. While I understand what Murdock is getting at, the suggestion that Stoops needs to get rowdy to appease the fan base somewhat misses the mark. Stoops needs to shake the pail if he feels like it's the best way to get his team back on track. Whatever he decides, what Stoops actually does is far more important than just blowing some smoke in the press.

*Dr. Saturday actually manages to offer a restrained analysis of OU's season while laundry-listing the Sooners' 2009 struggles.

Now onto the national scene:

*Our friends over at SEC Rivals have a good take on Les Miles' strange clock management in LSU's loss to Ole Miss. Maybe Miles is just one of those guys who loves adding an extra degree of difficulty and flair? If he had to pick between vanilla and pistachio ice cream, which way would he go?

*Isn't it strange that for all the bitching around Norman about Bob Stoops, Sooner partisans took exception to the mere suggestion that he could take off at season's end for South Bend. If Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis' walking papers hadn't already been drawn up before yesterday's loss to UConn, he should expect to see a pink slip in the inter-office mail imminently. On SportsCenter this morning, ESPN's Pat Forde made mention of no other candidates for the job besides Cincinnati's Brian Kelly.

Bruce Feldman attributes ND's problems to a dearth of talent ($), which runs counter to all the hype surrounding the recruiting classes Weis has brought to South Bend.

*I'd say the Arizona fans' preparations to storm the field last night were just a little premature.

*Last night's victory over Kansas in his final game at Darrell K. Royal Stadium made Texas' Colt McCoy the winningest quarterback in college football history. Longhorn coach Mack Brown celebrated the occasion by leaving his star signal caller in the game to throw touchdown passes late into the fourth quarter of a 31-point win.

Get my drift, Burnt Orange Nation?