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More Saturday Ramblings: November 14

More random musings while wondering why I have ESPN GamePlan and yet Oklahoma State-Texas Tech is still blacked out...

*Texas A&M turned out to be just what Oklahoma needed to get its groove back (at least a little). The staggering number of offensive penalties remain a concern, and Landry Jones definitely had his awful moments. All in all, though, tough to complain. I'll have more tomorrow.

I definitely wish Bob Stoops would empty the bench earlier in these blowouts, though.

*The incompetence of the Notre Dame defense is staggering. Pittsburgh's defense is pretty stout, so the Irish's unimpressive offensive performance is somewhat understandable. From the way Pitt has run all over ND's defense, you'd wonder if coordinator Jon Tenuta even watched a second of film this week.

Golden Tate just took a punt back for a TD to bring ND within one score, so I guess we can't bury the Irish just yet. (Quite proud of this call way back in May.)

Notre Dame easily leads the all-time standings in key touchdowns off of punt returns.

*Raise your hand if you thought Tech and OSU would be tied at 10 going into the fourth quarter. Looks like Boone Pickens' investment in Cowboy defensive coordinator Bill Young has paid off.

*Video games look so cool these days, but I hardly ever even turn on my PS3.

*I saw Steve Wilkos in an ad today hawking some Cash For Gold knockoff. Guess he's try to expand his appeal to a new target market.

*Finally used ESPN360 this weekend–really impressive.

*The Boise State-Nevada game in a couple weeks should be a helluva matchup. I'm a huge fan of Chris Ault's version of the pistol offense.

*Man, was I wrong about Alabama tonight. Very strong performance by Nick Saban's team.

*Obviously, the story of the day was Stanford's complete dismantling of USC. The fact that Pete Carroll is 0-2 versus Jim Harbaugh at the Coliseum blows my mind. Poke all the fun you want at Bob Stoops about his problems in big games, but at least he has never been worked by five touchdowns on his own turf.

*Sounds like Harbaugh ruffled some Southern Cal feathers with his behavior late in the game and afterwards. Doubt those chickens will come home to roost, as Harbaugh likely will never coach a game against the Trojans again.