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Saturday Ramblings: Nov. 14

Some odds and end while wondering when Mack Brown decided that "running up the score" is kosher...

*The best part about hearing Dave Lapham's douche-ridden blathering at noon on a Saturday? It means he won't be gracing the OU game telecast with his IQ-deficient analysis this evening.

*You know it's the early games when you're toggling between Houston-Central Florida and Northwestern-Illinois.

*Robert Smith and Todd McShay made a pretty good argument earlier for Case Keenum as a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate. I'd certainly put him in the mix. I honestly think Toby Gerhardt could put himself in the lead for the award if Stanford knocks off USC at the Coliseum tonight.

My top five, in no particular order: Keenum, Gerhardt, Jerry Hughes, Kellen Moore, Mark Ingram.

*This may go without saying, but Michigan's defense is horrible. Remember when that Michigan-Notre Dame game earlier this season was supposedly a big deal?

*Man, Texas is really clicking right now–the defense is flat-out nasty. The Longhorns are playing at a level that I don't think Florida or Alabama have hit yet. However, I still think the Gators are tops when playing at their peak.

*Have you seen the beef jerky commercial where Sasquatch throws the chump into the pond with one hand? I love it.

*How does Ralph Friedgen still have a job? I'm not just talking about a job as a head coach; I mean anything football-related.

*The four-point line in Houston-UCF looked odd, and now we know why. George O'Leary will do whatever it takes to get the job, er, done, and his scrappy Knights are taking care of business today, leading 37-20 in the fourth quarter before a half-full house in Orlando.

Fun fact: UCF is 0-22 all time against ranked opponents.

*Everyone seems to think Cal handles Arizona tonight. What am I missing? I realize the Golden Bears have played the tougher schedule so far, but they haven't handled it all that well.

*What a debut for EJ Manuel.

*That number in Ohio State-Iowa seems extraordinarily high. On the other hand, last weekend, the Hawkeyes' second-string QB looked like the worst backup since Papke replaced Paul Blake at Texas State. I can just see the kid screaming at the refs while being chased by a couple mammoth Buckeyes, "Blow the whistle!"