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Saturday Ramblings (Nov. 28): Stumbling, Bumbling Sooners

Let's start with some rants about the Bedlam game now that we're at half:

*The Sooners should be thankful that punter Tress Way brought his A-game today.

*I really don't understand all the problems with ball control for both teams today. The weather is perfect.

*Ryan Broyles' punt return to inside the OSU 10-yard line pretty much summed up OU's season. If the Sooners don't score on those kinds of plays, the offense isn't going to convert.

*Speaking of Broyles, at what point does OU's offense become too locked-in on its best offensive weapon?

*OSU coach Mike Gundy might as well give up on the option. OU's defense is way too fast, and his QB has a bum wing.

*For that matter, I'm not really sure what Gundy is trying to do with his play-calling. Besides being awfully predictable, I'm surprised he isn't trying to throw more deep and intermediate routes to loosen up the defense. Maybe he doesn't think Robinson can make those throws with his injury? If that's the case, the Pokes might be better off going with backup quarterback Brandon Weeden.

*More Gundy: The call to punt on fourth and inches late in the second quarter was playing scared. Why not go for it? Has he been watching the same OU offense–and placekicking–the rest of us have? If you do get stopped, it's not like you're just handing the Sooners points.

All in all, not Iron Mike's best day.

*OU should be leading this game by about three touchdowns.


*I was shocked to see the final score of the Nevada-Boise State game this morning. When I turned it off at halftime, I figured that the Broncos were going to win by roughly 60 points.

*I've run the replay in slo-mo over and over, and I don't really think that kid touched the ball in the "Sportsmanship" commercial.

*Ole Miss tight end Shay Hodge probably made the catch of the year in today's Egg Bowl.

*Best line from those obnoxious commercials: "Wave your hands in the air like a wannabe frat boy trying to get down."

*Tweet of the day, courtesy of SEC blogger Clay Travis: Blind Side ad calls film "the best of Sandra Bullock's career." Serious question, what is competition? Speed? Miss Congeniality? Speed 2?