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Saturday Ramblings: Nov. 7

*Ricky Dobbs, Navy's option quarterback extraordinaire, can really play. Per Pat Haden, his plan is to run for president in 2040. It's still early, but I like what I've seen out of his campagin so far: Navy 14, Irish 0 in the second quarter.

*Name a bigger scumbag than Gene Simmons.

*The Skinny: "I can't remember a player who has done less to earn his reputation than Julio Jones."

Maybe so, but it seems clear that he's a tremendous talent. I think his lack of production stems from the quality of the secondaries in the SEC and the fact that he hasn't exactly had Dan Fouts throwing to him. Case in point: Greg McElroy's horribe throw in the second quarter that sailed over a wide-open Jones in the end zone.

*'Bama is completing 27 percent of its throws in the red zone, worst in the country.

*Speaking of Alabama, is there a more imposing team coming off the bus than the Tide? And speaking of The Phantom of the Opera, the 'Bama band plays the theme for Andrew Lloy Webber's masterpiece during games.

*Isn't it weird that drug stores sell cigarettes?

*Indiana falls short yet again, this time to Wisconsin.

*OU-Nebraska or Fedor-Rogers tonight?

*Iowa's stunning loss to Northwestern today illustrates yet again how important a quarterback's health is to a national championship contender. It's so tough to insert a new quarterback into a game midstream and expect to not miss a beat. It just throws everything out of whack.

*I was listening to Fox's morning game day radio show today, and commentator Chris Landry said the Big 12 is probably the weakest BCS conference this season. He attributed it to the weakness of the North division. I plan to explore this topic in greater detail later this week, but I fear he's right, or at least not very far off.

*Is it weird that the game I'm most interested in tonight–Sooners aside, of course–is Houston-Tulsa?

*The Harris-Teeter grocery store chain makes a surprisingly delicious cheesesteak. Big ups to my lovely wife for picking one up for me earlier today while I was busy watching games, making sure my loyal readers get nothing best the college football analysis on the Web.