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Trouble Getting Separation

Football analysts often talk about wide receivers having trouble "getting separation" when they're being blanketed by aggressive defensive backs. That's a great metaphor for a college football season in which the supposedly elite teams are struggling to distance themselves from the pack.

After much hemming and hawing on Homerism's part, I've decided Alabama deserves to be back on top. The Tide picked up a solid win yesterday, beating LSU in Tuscaloosa. Florida's road win earlier in the season against the Bayou Bengals probably trumps that victory. However, 'Bama has the added advantage of having beaten a decent Virginia Tech team earlier this season at a neutral site, which is far better than anything the Gators have done in non-conference play. Plus, the Tide arguably have played a tougher slate in conference play to this point.

Texas certainly looks like it's playing some outstanding football right now, but the Longhorns aren't exactly beating the best of the best–"best of the good" would be a stretch. Given Oklahoma's problems this season, beating Oklahoma State in Stillwater looks like UT's signature win.

A better question: Does Cincinnati deserve a higher ranking than Texas? No, but it's close. Cincy's win at Oregon State actually appears pretty strong right now, and the win at South Florida continues to carry some weight.

Blatant Homerism Weekly Power Poll: Week 10

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Cincinnati
5. TCU
6. Boise State
7. Georgia Tech
8. Iowa
9. Houston
10. Pittsburgh